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Dec 31 2017

Web Conferencing Software Reviews – Online Meeting Services

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Best Web Conferencing Software Reviews

GoToMeeting is a web-based meeting service created by Citrix Online LLC. It currently has platforms for both Windows and Mac, with access also available via iPad and Android devices. Originally developed as a solution to having to attend face-to-face meetings, GoToMeeting is one of the most used business applications currently on the market. Unfortunately, at the present time, there is no Linux support available for the service. Read More

GoToMeeting Reviews 0 Best Reviewer 2015-03-26 15:32:56

When you need to meet with someone, but you don t like the idea of having to pay for travel expenses, web conferencing is often an ideal solution. If you plan on using web conferencing for your business, finding the right web conferencing solution is essential. One of the best options available on the market is ClickMeeting . With ClickMeeting, you get a fully functional online conferencing solution made by a reputable company. Read More

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InterCall is easily the largest collaboration and conferencing service provider in the world, offering a wider range of audio, video as well as web conferencing services to both enterprise and small businesses. These services are offered via both proprietary solutions as well as partnership offerings from Microsoft, Cisco and IBM. Online meetings are just a click away with InterCall’s Unified Meeting (IUM) web conferencing solution. The easy-to-use, instant service is known to be simple, reliable and secure with no additional software required at the client end. Read More

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AnyMeeting is a webinar and web-conferencing service available for free with ad-support. as well as through paid plans. It was originally launched as a beta called Freebinar in 2009, but its team of experienced creators has rebranded the service for more widespread release and appeal. The creators have listened to their user base and have improved the free online meeting software to the point where it is good enough to be supported by ads and eligible for ad-free purchase. Read More

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Adobe Connect is a video conferencing program that makes it possible to interact with a large number of people online. Adobe is one of the better-known companies in the industry, and they put out another quality product with Connect. Here are the basics of what you need to know about Adobe Connect.

Main Features of Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect makes it possible to videoconference with up to 100 people at one time. The interface is completely customizable, which makes it easy for every user to set it up just like they prefer. Adobe Connect also enables you to collaborate on projects while conferencing with one another. Read More

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GatherPlace is a cross-platform web conferencing and voice service from Gatherworks Inc. aimed at improving connectivity and reach of small and emerging businesses. Though focused on enabling small businesses interaction with suppliers, customers, resellers and team members located across different geographies in a cost-effective manner – the services of GatherPlace are equally useful in distance learning and training, remote sales presentations, discussions, webinars, and online collaboration across several sectors. Read More

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MegaMeeting is conferencing software that incorporates a full package of online audio and video conferencing capabilities. The company’s slogan is “Making Business Personal”, which is why they built their tool in such a way that it’s easy and pleasant to use for all types of users. Their web conferencing app works in every browser, and the interface is available in different languages. MegaMeeting has a unique feature that allows you to poor your corporate style into the tool through their private branding solution. Read More

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