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Jul 31 2017

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Facing the aftermath of a truck accident is challenging, even more so if you’re dealing with life-threatening injuries without legal guidance. If you’ve got questions about truck accident laws and victims’ rights to compensation, the attorneys listed in this Truck Accident Law Firms directory are excellent resources.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents that cause catastrophic and fatal injuries occur daily in this country for a variety of reasons. The causes that garner the most concern are the human errors that are preventable, the unsafe conditions that were created by the negligent actions, or inaction, of a person with authority.

After a truck accident happens, a lot of finger pointing may occur. It is the job of your truck accident lawyer to lead an in-depth investigation to uncover the facts and find out who is actually responsible for the oversights that led to the collision. In some cases, it may come to light that several factors contributed to the crash, in which case there may be more than one defendant.

Unrealistic schedules and driver fatigue are two of the most common causes of trucking accidents today. Simply put, the more time a driver spends on duty, the more he gets paid, and many drivers ignore Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration restrictions that limit driving time. In an effort to save money, truckers may operate overloaded trucks, which is also a punishable legal offense.

Poor maintenance is another common cause of truck accidents today. In these cases, maintenance techs, trucking managers, truck drivers, and the companies who hired untrained workers may be held liable for damages.

Truck Accident Laws

Unlike standard-sized motor vehicles that follow general rules of the road, there is a whole set of statutes that apply specifically to truck operation and maintenance. Your truck accident law firm will explain the federal trucking regulations and how they impact your case.

As you begin to familiarize yourself with the laws and learn more about your rights, you will see how your legal claim not only works to get your family compensation for harm done, but also sends a message to all trucking industry workers and business owners.

Skilled truck accident lawyers are integral in helping you translate these laws to work for your situation and using the facts to get insurance companies to agree to a fair settlement.

If you or a member of your family suffered severe injuries in a truck accident, please click here to find a truck accident law firm in your area.

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