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Sep 7 2018

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Americans traveling in Europe during the holidays should be cautious, State Department alert says

The State Department is telling American travelers headed to Europe to “exercise caution at holiday festivals and events” because of the risk of terrorist attacks. The renewed alert cites past incidents in France, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Spain and Finland carried out the by Islamic.

Get ready for Black Friday-Cyber Monday travel deals on Cuba, Greece and more

Keep your holiday sane with these tips

California Bucket List

Read the walls on Angel Island, the West Coast Ellis Island where Asian immigrants waited and waited from 1910 to 1940

Check out the heavy metal at this resilient roadhouse an hour outside L.A.

Nurse a spiked cappuccino at Tosca Cafe in San Francisco

Mourn the ’60s and paw through old books and records on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley

Cruise the canals of Long Beach, with a gondolier to guide your way

Swing at SFJazz, the house that jazz built in San Francisco

Snowshoe between hefty trees in Sequoia National Park

Hum (or rap) along with a musical at the grand old Pantages Theatre in Hollywood

The Sunday Travel Section

As we prepare to fall back, here are seven great clocks of the world

Vista s clock and watch museum is a timely addition to Southern California attractions

Is it time to see Connecticut? If you re chronometrically inclined (you like clocks and such), this is the place for you

    Challenge your inner millennial on a weekend escape to San Jose

    New hotels help Palm Springs regain its title as the capital of cool

    The Mediterranean island of Menorca feeds body and soul

Road Trips

In the Mojave Desert, a winding route reveals the weird and the wonderful

There is no place as intense and wondrous and few people as compelling as those who make the California desert their home.

The Mark Twain Trail through the West brings ups, downs and a new view of the author

This road takes you from Reno to California Gold country, following the rambling 20s of author Mark Twain

A trip on Route 66 proves to be uncharted territory for a master planner

The plan was to have no plan. To head east on Route 66. A solo traveler with no agenda. There was only one problem: That s not me.

You can t take a road trip without pit stops. Here s the lowdown on 7 spots

Whether you re heading north, south or east from Southern California, you ll want to take a break. Here s a closer look at famous fixtures and underappreciated gems along your way.

On your next road trip north, break up the drive with these 5 leg-stretchers

Walk into the landscape with stops along the way. Start with Wendy Trail in Newbury Park and end with Valencia Peak overlooking the ocean.

22 feet of fun fraught with fear — that was our Airstream adventure

You call this camping? It was, indeed, billed that way, but our gleaming missile had a sumptuos bed and a dining room, a stove and a fridge.

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Go underground in Fresno and see what Baldassare Forestiere was all about

Soak in the Travertine hot springs and savor Sierra views

    Kick around the ghost town of Bodie, a relic of the really Wild West

    Stare into the heart of the Sierra from atop Mt. Whitney, the state’s most famous fourteener

    Prowl the Living Desert near Palm Springs like a hungry coyote

Travel News & Deals

SFMOMA s exhibitions can both amuse and amaze you

Nothing cuts the chill of a San Francisco sidewalk quite like a stroll across the warm maple floors of SFMOMA. Since adding 235,000 square feet to its SoMa space in May 2016, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has settled comfortably into its new space and offers exhibitions for art lovers.

Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals at 16 hotels that put luxury within reach

Forget football games this weekend. Go watch championship dominos near Las Vegas

Alaska cruise for early-stage dementia travelers and their caregivers

Las Vegas’ sweet little secret is out: Freed’s Bakery stars in new ‘Vegas Cakes” TV series

What to pack, when to hit the road, for your Thanksgiving holiday trip

Take along rain gear if you’re headed to Florida or the Pacific Northwest; sweaters and a knit cap for the Midwest and the Northeast; and if you’re coming to Southern California for Thanksgiving, a swimsuit and sunscreen. Those are the items you’ll need according to Thanksgiving forecasts, as the.

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