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Aug 8 2017

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  • Fill out our easy online car donation form and we will schedule a pick up.
  • Or call one of our friendly operators, 7 days a week at any of the below numbers:
    972-274-5437 817-274-5437 713-225-4226 866-835-5437
  • We make it fast and easy for you to donate your vehicle and it is all Free.
  • We pick up your donation for Free and in some cases pickup may be the same day.
  • We will work with you to arrange for pickup at a time and date that works with your schedule.
  • You will be issued a temporary receipt at the time of pickup.
  • You will receive the 1098(C), the IRS Tax receipt one week after your vehicle is sold.


  • Thousands of local kids lives are saved annually by your donation.
  • Your donation helps get kids back in school to earn their high school diploma.
  • We are a certified Tax Exempt; IRS approved 501(C) 3, non-profit charity.
  • We accept vehicles in any condition.
  • You get the highest possible TAX Deduction for your vehicle!
  • We help you with all the paperwork.
  • The process is easy.
  • Towing is free.
  • We pick it up at a time that is convenient for you.


Too many times, when a child struggles in school, he gets written off. Someone decides that the struggling student is a lost cause, and moves on to the next one, leaving the struggling student to fend for himself and navigate the world unprepared. At Texans Can Academy is different. We know better.

We know that when you believe in someone, you enable that person to succeed in every area of life, including academics. That is why students are taught to work hard with not only graduation, but also life after high school in mind. With teacher direction and encouragement, every student develops a life plan and sets goals for the future. Our students learn that an education creates endless options in life.

We are a charter high school that specializes in successfully educating students who others have written off. We have proven that anyone can learn when given a nurturing, structured environment. We provide education, food, clothing, and shelter to students whose lives appear to be hopeless. Students who were formerly told to forget graduating or that they would not graduate until they were over 21, or who suffered terrible setbacks like cancer, have overcome personal difficulties and challenges and have gone on to succeed. Over 67% of our graduates go on to higher education.

Texans Can students graduate with more than a diploma. Our high quality education ensures that every student is prepared and ready to achieve economic success and independence. Texans Can students graduate ready to think critically and make excellent decisions.

Texans Can Academy has been changing lives since 1985. Changing lives takes resources, and we don t do it alone. Working together, all Texans can help. You can help by donating your car. Cars for Kids will accept your used vehicle, boat, or RV, running or not, and turn it into the resources that empower our students lives. Cars for Kids supports Texans Can Academy. Since Cars for Kids is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all car donations are tax deductible. That is how you Write off the car, not the kid.





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