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Jul 4 2018

Med-Mal Insurance for Group Practices

#med #mal #insurance # Med-Mal Insurance for Group Practices How We Help You and Your Practice The largest costs of doing business for a group medical practice is its insurance requirements. Our team of veteran agents has worked with every size of group practice—from two-doctor specialty specific practices to 50-physician multi-focus organizations—customizing comprehensive insurance solutions to keep their business running strong. Cunningham Group has helped hundreds of physician owners and practice managers find customized medical professional liability insurance policies to fit their unique needs. Because we have access to every major malpractice insurer in every state, we shop your coverage …

Aug 23 2017

Hospital Negligence Lawyers #hospital #negligence #lawyers, #hospital,negligence,health #care,med #mal,medical #malpractice,negligent,nurse,doctor,vicarious #liability,lawyer,attorney

# Hospital Negligence Lawyers Locate a Local Personal Injury Lawyer What Is Hospital Negligence? Hospital negligence occurs when a hospital or health care facility fails to follow the duty of care they owe to patients in dealing with those patients. A person may be able to file a negligence claim against the hospital if the breach of duty that the hospital . Many medical malpractice claims involve injuries caused by a physician or other health care professional. However, in a claim for hospital negligence, it is the medical institution itself that is being sued. Thus, there may be a high …