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May 17 2018

Welcome to CRCDS – Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, divinity school.#Divinity #school

# FAITH. CRITICALLY ENGAGED. @crcds Your Education is Personal Flexible to Meet Your Needs Affordable Of students who qualify, receive Financial Aid Putting Faith Into Action A legacy of Social Justice Small But Global Students represent over 20 denominations. Students Faculty represent 7 countries and 4 continents. CRCDS President Dr. Marvin A. McMickle: Who is We the People? Read Dr. McMickle s recent editorial printed in the Rochester, New York Democrat and Chronicle. Register Now! CRCDS School for Christian Leadership classes begin September 9 The CRCDS School of Christian Leadership s newest cycle of courses begins on Saturday, September 9, …

Mar 13 2018

Seminary and Graduate School of Religion, Bob Jones University, carolina graduate school of divinity.#Carolina #graduate #school #of #divinity

# Seminary and Graduate School of Religion About the Seminary Preparing men and women to serve Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of what we do at Bob Jones University. Whether through preaching the Word, missions or counseling, our desire is for our graduates to use their God-given talents to spread the Gospel, disciple believers and counsel those who may face trials, grief or trauma. The BJU Seminary and Graduate School of Religion equips men to accurately explain and proclaim the Word of God. Preaching is central to shepherding people for the glory of God in any ministry context. It s …