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Aug 15 2017

Slip and Fall Claims and Premises Liability #lawyers #for #slip #and #fall #accidents


Slip and Fall Claims and Premises Liability

A slip and fall accident can occur in almost any location, from a wet floor in the grocery store to a dangerously uneven sidewalk. Not every situation gives rise to legal liability, but valid slip and fall claims are filed and settled every year. In this section, we’ll provide tips on what to expect in different kinds of slip and fall cases — which typically turn on a legal concept known as “premises liability” — and much more.

A closer look at the legal concept that governs most cases where you are injured on someone else s property.

Who is responsible for an injury resulting from a slip and fall accident?

What happens if the plaintiff bears some share of fault for a slip and fall?

Who s responsible for accidents that occur on or around buildings and grounds?

Learn who s liable for your injuries if you slip and fall in a store or business.

If you ve had an accident on stairs, here s how to determine if the property owner is at fault.

How a property owner s insurance coverage will affect an insurance claim or lawsuit over a slip and fall.

If you slip and fall on a public sidewalk, who is liable? Before we answer that question, we have to step back and figure out if anyone is actually liable.

A look at legal responsibility for injuries on rental property.

If you slip and fall on government property, the government entity may be liable for your injuries.

Find out whether an off-premises claim might be covered, and how your homeowner s insurance carrier can help.

When someone gets hurt on a trampoline, it doesn t always follow that someone else will be on the legal hook.

Get the compensation you deserve.

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