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Mar 13 2018

Seminary and Graduate School of Religion, Bob Jones University, carolina graduate school of divinity.#Carolina #graduate #school #of #divinity


Seminary and Graduate School of Religion

Carolina graduate school of divinity

Carolina graduate school of divinity

About the Seminary

Preparing men and women to serve Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of what we do at Bob Jones University. Whether through preaching the Word, missions or counseling, our desire is for our graduates to use their God-given talents to spread the Gospel, disciple believers and counsel those who may face trials, grief or trauma.

The BJU Seminary and Graduate School of Religion equips men to accurately explain and proclaim the Word of God. Preaching is central to shepherding people for the glory of God in any ministry context. It s vitally important to develop the right kind of men to do the preaching that God commands. Men of knowledge, compassion, integrity and courage serving in pulpits, on the mission field and as counselors provide the example people of God need to grow in the image of Christ.

The BJU Seminary and Graduate School of Religion equips women to effectively teach others in the classroom and by example. As missionaries, graduates are thoroughly prepared to serve the needs of the lost and believers in a number of different ways. As counselors, their knowledge, compassion, empathy and commitment to the Word serve them well as they communicate the truths of Scripture and Jesus love to individuals struggling through trauma, depression or major trials in their lives.

Since setting a right example is the essence of true spiritual leadership, men and women studying in the Seminary and Graduate School of Religion endeavor to be well-developed models of truth as we seek to show the lost world and the church that Jesus Christ requires faith and obedience from each one of us.

Seminary Conference Series

Bob Jones University Seminary since 2011 has hosted an annual conference for pastors and lay leaders dealing with some aspect of ministry in a concentrated manner. The seminary conference draws from the theological and ministry practice of its own seminary professors and of leaders who are recognized for their expertise on the conference topic. Details of past conferences can be found at the links below.

Carolina graduate school of divinity


Our course curriculum saturates our students with the knowledge and skills essential for serving as full-time vocational servants of Christ who minister the Word of God to others. We believe that it is knowledge of the contents and meaning of the Bible that equips a Christian for effective service for Christ.

Philosophically we are committed to the idea that a Christian s effectiveness in ministry will be directly in proportion to the extent of his knowledge of the Scriptures and his ability to apply them to the lives of those he serves.

Professional Ministry Program

Pastors, it s never too late to earn a seminary degree. Our Professional Ministry Program offers 1-week courses of concentrated, quality education that easily fit into your busy schedule.

Division of Graduate Studies

Division of Professional Ministry Studies

  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Master of Divinity
    • Bible Translation and Linguistics
    • Biblical Counseling
    • Biblical Languages
    • Church Planting and Urban Ministry
    • Church Worship
    • Global Missions
    • Military Chaplaincy
    • Preaching and Pastoral Ministry
  • Master of Ministry

What does a student receive?

When a student graduates from the Seminary they will leave with a degree, but more important, they will leave with the knowledge and the zeal necessary to fulfill the 2 greatest commandments of all to love God and love your neighbor through the proclamation of the good news about Christ.

Armed with thorough knowledge of the Biblical languages, comprehensive theological knowledge, complete familiarity with the sixty-six books of the Bible, an understanding of the needs of people, and the leadership and interpersonal skills to serve, our Seminary graduates are ready to take up their cross and follow their master into the harvest fields of service until Christ comes again.


The faculty at Bob Jones University Seminary is on a mission to train men and women who have made a life-commitment to fulfil the last command of Christ, the Great Commission. Our goals are to teach students in our master’s and doctoral degree programs how to spread the Gospel of Christ, help new believers become a vital part of the Church, the Body of Christ, and teach growing Christians how to know, obey, and glorify God in every dimension of life.

They are recognized specialists in their teaching fields, having served as:

  • Missionaries
  • Evangelists
  • Youth pastors
  • Church planters
  • Associate pastors
  • Senior pastors of independent Fundamental churches

Approximately 25 faculty (resident adjunct) offer ministry training each year. Our full-time faculty have all earned doctoral degrees while most of our adjunct faculty have earned doctorates. Their cumulative years of ministry experience total over 450, with an average of 20 years per faculty member.

Carolina graduate school of divinity

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