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Aug 31 2017

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Round the World Flights

Why stop at just one destination when the whole world is at your fingertips? We’ve all got a ‘bucket list’ that dream catalogue of places we would love to see firsthand. Whether your list includes trekking to Machu Picchu, shopping on Fifth Avenue, cafe-hopping around Paris or all of the above, your travel goals don’t have to remain a pipedream. Flight Centre’s dedicated Round the World expert team can make those dreams a reality!

What is a Round the World flight?

Round the World flights take you, well, around the world! Instead of trying to piece together individual flights from Point A to Points B, C and D, a Round the World flight is a seamless journey that makes its way around the globe in one direction. In other words, a Round the World fare is a one-way long-haul journey with multiple stopovers.

Why book a Round the World flight?

  • Great value for money
  • Tailored itineraries
  • Thousands of options
  • Everything on one ticket
  • Up to 12 months validity

It’s up to you how long you stop at each point along the way you’ll probably want to allow enough time to really get to know your destination before taking to the skies en route to a new corner of the globe.

The only requirement with a Round the World trip is that you must travel in one direction east or west and return to your point of origin. Some airfares may require you to include a minimum of four continents and at least two stopovers but hey, isn’t that what a Round the World trip is all about?

Are there different types of Round the World flights?

Individual airlines usually offer Round the World fares based on the routes they travel, as long as you include their central transit hub in the mix (like stopping in Helsinki if you fly with Finnair).

Airline alliances such as one world, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam also cater to globetrotters. Their Round the World fares are priced according to how many miles you travel as well as your cabin class, and use a number of different partner airlines across their networks.

Round the World flights can be a great way to rack up those frequent flyer points and move up the tiers of your airline loyalty program. Chat to one of our Airfare Experts and see what Round the World fares your preferred airline offers you might even earn enough points to work in an upgrade to Business Class!

Where can I travel on a Round the World flight?

The short answer is wherever your heart desires! The long answer is wherever your consultant can masterfully map out, factoring in the one-way rule, hitting the main airports, and stopping in at central transit hubs.

While some Round the World fares allow you to have up to 15 stops on your journey, you could do as few as three, four of five. Some examples might be:

3 stops: Sydney Singapore London Los Angeles Sydney

4 stops: Sydney Singapore London New York Los Angeles Sydney

5 stops: Sydney Singapore London Zurich New York Los Angeles Sydney

Why book with our Round the World experts?

  • Specialised RTW team
  • Widest range of options
  • All visas taken care of
  • Lowest Airfare Guarantee

Round the World holidays are incredibly rewarding, once-in-a-lifetime adventures, but they are far from being a walk in the park when it comes time to book. Knowing where airlines fly, how often they go there, and how to avoid tight connection times is something that comes from industry experience.

Our dedicated Round the World experts live and breathe multi-stop flights every day and know how to make your journey hassle-free. Let them take care of the fine details including what visas you will need and making sure you get your favourite window seat, so you can focus on ticking off that travel bucket list.

Here is a small sample of our available fares. Call and tailor your around the world flight with us today.

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