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Oct 11 2017

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Nursing Schools in the Philippines

I already know what steps to take to ensure that my papers for citizenship aren’t affected by this decision to study.

I am still looking for actual school suggestions from people who know which ones are good in the Philippines. Please see my original post for more details.

Thanks guys. And HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Can you please tell me what NLE is? I need an idiot-proof guide to what exactly you guys are telling me, as it seems all I get are technical terms, and I am not yet familiar with such words.

My husband wants to be a nurse in the soonest possible time, and he would like to practice in the US. However, he would prefer to study in the Philippines because it will be easier for him to finish, whereas if he studies here, then he would have to work and study, which is something he’s been through already, and would not like to repeat. He is an American citizen, but will have no problem studying in the Philippines because he used to be a Filipino citizen.

Let’s tackle his issues before I add in my own.

Oh, and I am still waiting for NAMES OF SCHOOLS to be suggested to me, in the soonest possible time, because I know that the next semester is in June, and we need to gather all the proper documentation before then.

NLE is the lacal nursing exam in the Philippines and some states now require this before they will allow you to sit NCLEX. The only exceptions are people who are not Philippine citizens as they are not allowed to sit the exam. In cases like this they usually need proof from PRC that they are not allowed to sit the exam. When training outside of the US he will always be classed as a foreign student and have to meet nursing requirements. On average processing times in the US is 4-12 months depending on state and their requirements

So, I am interested in taking up Nursing in the Philippines, however, I do not wish to go through minor subjects again. I am looking for a decent enough school which has an accelerated program. wherein I am able to finish my Nursing Degree in 2 years, maximum. Please give me actual school suggestions, if possible. Also, my friend told me to look for schools which are not ladderized, what exactly does that mean? I already have a degree. My husband is also interested in taking up nursing, but he doens’t have a degree yet. He is an American citizen (born to Filipino parents though, so he is eligible for dual citizenship), and I am a Filipino citizen. No LPNs/ADNs please. I want actual Nursing Schools. Please give specific suggestions, ex. DLSU, UST. We would prefer in Metro Manila of course, partucularly near Greenhills area. Thanks!

What do you guys think of Philippine School of Sciences and World Citi Colleges?

You have an email.

Hi. I would suggest Global City Innovative College in The Fort, Taguig. I know someone who finished his BSN in 2 years (he’s a 2nd courser, though). Also, Philippine Women’s University (they have a branch near SM City North EDSA and Taft Ave.) Both school offers tri-semester, so I guess that’ll help you finish your nursing asap. If you want cheap tuition fees, try Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila. This school has a good reputation of making NLE board topnotchers. After you graduate, they have free NLE reviews with the country’s top Reviewers. Like what silverdragon said, many states requires a local license before they allow you to sit for the NCLEX exam. Best of luck!

Thanks for the suggestions batjhong! Will definitely look into those schools. =)

There sure are a LOT of schools in the Philippines that admits second-coursers. You will surely find yourself graduating with an accelerated BSN degree. But I want to warn you that most of these schools are just estabished for profit and not for educating future skilled and knowledgeable nurses. As there is an alarming number of nursing schools in the Philippines, the government (I assumed) is trying to close those that are underperforming in the NLE. And categorically, in my observation, those underperforming nursing schools are mostly the recently opened nursing schools, which coincidentally, are the ones accepting second-coursers and with an accelerated program.

I am from a nursing school in Morayta, and in one of our clinical duties, my clinical instructor told us that the other group of nursing students having their duty on the same hospital that we were, are actually students of a school that offers just 2-year of BSN . I don’t know how will they be able to qualify for licensure exams, or worst, how will they take care of their patients with just a limited time of practice.

I maybe wrong with this so please do a decent look on your school of choice.

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