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May 18 2018

LBNL s Network Research Group

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LBNL’s Network Research Group

  • Sally Floyd (now at ICIR )
  • Craig Leres
  • Vern Paxson (now primarily at ICIR )
  • Van Jacobson (at PARC )
  • Kevin Fall (now at Intel Research in Berkeley)
  • Steven McCanne (now at Riverbed )

But don’t worry, all of the old email addresses will still work.

Network Research Group documents include:

Software Packages via anonymous ftp:

MBONE tools: We have developed several multiparty conferencing tools and protocols based on the lightweight IP Multicast delivery model:

  • vat . the audio conferencing tool;
  • vic . the video conferencing tool;
  • wb . the shared whiteboard; and
  • sd . the session announcement tool.

Network tools include:

  • tcpdump . the protocol packet capture and dumper program;
  • libpcap . the Packet Capture library;
  • arpwatch . the ethernet monitor program; for keeping track of ethernet/ip address pairings,
  • traceroute for printing the route packets take to a network host, and
  • pathchar for inferring the characteristics of Internet paths.

Other software packages include

  • bpf . the Berkeley Packet Filter;
  • cslip . the compressed serial line IP package;
  • and others available via anonymous ftp from our anonymous ftp server.

Research projects with their own web pages include:

Past research projects with their own web pages:


  • We maintain the Internet Traffic Archive . which includes some of our traces of network traffic.
  • The Network Research Group Clip File. in progress, for our funding agencies.
  • Directions to LBNL and to the NRG offices.

    Copyright notice included on the source files for most of our software.

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