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Jun 25 2017

How much car insurance should you buy? #car #insurance #coverage, #liability #coverage, #state #minimum #liability


How much car insurance should you buy?

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I think that the 100/300/100 policy that you talked about is what my husband and I are looking for. We have been wanting to get a new insurance policy for a while now I think that this guide will really help us to find what we are looking for. Getting the coverage that we need will really help when it comes to dealing with accidents.

If you have a decent job and own anything, get 100/300/100 coverage on your auto at least. It’s not that expensive and it protects your assets better than minimum limits!

If you have a decent job and own anything, get 100/300/100 coverage on your auto. It’s not that much difference in price and totally worth it, especially if you have a young driver in your house.

Getting auto insurance for the first time, and even the third time, can be a little intimidating. You want to be able to have the best coverage possible for what you can afford. It is always a good idea to weigh out your options and make sure you know what’s out there before making any sort of commitment. That way, you know that you are getting the best coverage possible.

Thanks for the advice. I used to be a “judgement proof” person while I was in college, but after I graduated I moved purchased something that was more like the 50/100/50 that you mentioned. I think now that I’m married and growing a family, I want something even better than that. Like you said, additional coverage often isn’t that much more expensive.

Thanks for the info. It was very helpful! I was told to keep raising it and I have but I wasn’t sure just how much I truly needed.

The best auto insurance should provide flexible policy options, a smooth claims experience and helpful representatives. If you really love your car, you want to make sure you have all the types of coverage that are available.

I am very interested in all this information. I really need to change insurance companies.

I always wondered what the average auto insurance rates were. Thanks for the awesome share!

If the states require some car insurance ,then how come the law lets people drive without the insurance? When I purchased my license plate stickers in Illinois you had to have car insurance to get the sticker. My father-in-law was killed by an uninsured driver and got away without any penalty or settlement from the court.

Great article with great information. Keep it up.

I really like this website. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

Although everyone has their own opinion about too much or not enough asset protection on your auto limits coverage, there is one fact that needs to be realized or educated in most states (most insureds) is that even though you may be proven “judgement proof” your are NOT exempt from wage garnishments. Most states allow up to 25% of your earnings (SSI, welfare,or pensions are protected) to be garnished in the event of a fatal vehicle accident the insurance limit runs out. Any additional the lawyers get approved for settlement comes out of your earned wages for; however, many years it takes to pay in full. And so when your driving behind that wheel you are risking your future wages if you are not covered properly. In other words, if you hold a job with income being reported, it can be garnished.

You should always have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Medical insurance has co-payments and medical insurance will want their money back from the bodily injury liability. Look up the ERISA. Also, please remember all those people out there that do not follow the law and drive without insurance.

You can, and should drop comp and collision, if it costs too much. I dropped comp and collision off my 12-year-old car and saved the money I would have paid in comp and collision premiums to put towards a new car — and I live in Florida. If a car isn’t worth much, don’t pay premiums that are more than the the value the insurer would pay out.

No one should drop comp or collision in Florida. That would be nuts.

How can this article suggest if you own your car outright to drop comprehensive or collision. This is a really bad idea. Living where there are hurricanes and such here in Florida that is not wise.

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