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Jan 13 2018

E3 Visa Jobs – Professional Jobs for Australians to Work in the USA, finding jobs.#Finding

e3 Visa Jobs

Finding jobsYou may have already read the part where we mentioned that e3 visa jobs are required to demand the theoretical and practical application of specialty occupation skills. Though this category may appear to be rather vague, US regulations are pretty straightforward as to what constitutes e3 visa jobs in terms of education and/or work experience.

Basically, the rules are designed to allocate the e3 visa to professional workers. This means that only workers with college educations or extensive experience can get an e3 visa job, and they can only do so by obtaining a professional position with a U.S. employer. Find E3 Visa Jobs FREE

e3 visa jobs: Positions Occupations that Qualify

While the list of jobs is rather long, e3 visa jobs can include software/applications developers; architects, engineers and surveyors; mathematicians; physical scientists; computer scientists; information technology or IT workers; telecom specialists; medicine and healthcare practitioners; teachers specializing in education and research; writers and linguists; finance workers and administrative specialists; business managers; economists, political scientists, historians, sociologists and anthropologists; librarians and archivists; lawyers and judges; religion and theology practitioners; illustrators, graphic designers and other art-related occupations; musicians, entertainers and athletes; social and welfare workers; and more. Check out this full list of qualifying professions and occupations for more comprehensive info.

e3 visa jobs: Get an e3 Visa Job

Part of the trick in finding e3 visa jobs lies in finding U.S. employers that will actually hire international workers. Recent surveys have indicated that a majority of U.S. employers have never hired a foreign national, and that they would be reluctant to undergo the e3 visa process of filing for a work visa.

Therefore, it s important to do your research and to look for positions with employers that have a history of hiring international workers on the e3 work visa. And if you re searching for jobs on more generalized job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder or Indeed, then you re probably wasting your time. 90% of the jobs posted in those places are intended for domestic workers only, and you ll be hard pressed to sort through the ones that will actually hire Australian citizens or any other international worker.

In addition to our own free e3 job search service (listed above), we ve gathered a list of some of the best resources on the web for workers pursuing e3 visa jobs. According to customer reviews and testimonials, these are some of the successful companies for finding e3 visa jobs and sponsorship:

Finding jobsAmericaVisaJobs.com: Although it s a relative newcomer to the visa jobs scene, this company has a free job hunting interface, so users can see what jobs are available before purchasing a membership. The site claims to have thousands of jobs in its database, and the jobs are also pre-screened and filtered according to the type of visa you re seeking. It also has a good visa job hunting blog with tips, advice strategies and tactics for visa job hunters looking for work in the USA. Find e3 Visa Jobs

Finding jobsH1Base.com: For more than 12 years now, H1Base has specialized in providing professional services for international workers seeking professional visa job sponsorship. Although the company initially focused on working with job seekers, it also offers many valuable resources for e3 visa job searchers as well. The company s services include resume reviews and optimizations, extensive job and employer databases, automatic resume submission services, one-to-one job search and interview coaching services, and more. According to the many h1base reviews and customer testimonials, the company can more than double your chances of getting a U.S. work visa. The company also has a division that specifically specializes in e3 visas for Australian workers. Get e3 visa jobs

Finding jobs

H1bvisajobs.com: While this site ostensibly is for H1B job searchers, it s important to remember that e3 visa jobs fall under the same category in terms of specialty occupations. In practice, this means that many of the same employers who will hire international workers on the h1b visa will also do so for an Australian worker on an e3 visa. And this is particularly likely considering that the visa allotment is arguably more generous, the filing process is more streamlined, and the visa filing fees virtually non-existent from the employer side. Couple that with the fact that you can find jobs on this site for free, and it s a valuable resource for finding e3 visa positions. Search for e3 visa jobs

Finding jobsCanadaVisaJobs.com: Another time-honored technique often employed by people wanting to work in the USA is to find positions with companies in Canada that have a footprint in the U.S. After finding a position in Canada, they transfer into the U.S. via the L1 or H1B visa (or e3 for Australians). By broadening their job search, the idea is to increase one s chances of finding a position that will eventually yield work in the U.S. To this end, CanadaVisaJobs offers a database of thousands of work visa-eligible positions with companies located in Canada. Find Visa Eligible Work

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