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Aug 7 2017

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California #dual #diagnosis #treatment #centers #in #california



According to National Drug Abuse Index, in 2005, 2974 people were arrested in the state of California on charges of possessing illegal substance. Both men and women are equally susceptible to developing dependency towards cocaine, heroin, Meth, marijuana, prescription drugs and alcohol. These cause disorders like paranoia, psychosis, compulsive obsessive behavior, loss of memory, loss of motor skills, dissociative disorders and such other illnesses. In 2005, 87366 children between the ages of 12 and 17 were heavily dependent on marijuana and were undergoing treatment in state rehabs. Dual diagnosis refers to the presence of substance dependency and mental disorder in a person. Sometimes, addiction to a substance causes psychological disorders while at other times, these bring about dependency towards certain illegal drugs. California is increasingly tuning out to be one of the states with the fastest growing number of drug addicts.

If you know anyone who needs help to overcome addiction as well as mental disorders, do not hesitate to call a rehab in California today. Our website has the largest list of drug rehab addresses and contact numbers in the state of California. If you have substance dependency, get in touch with these rehabilitation facilities at once. Welcome a life without mental disabilities. Call a rehab today.


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