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Jul 3 2018

Dashboard Software for your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

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Key Performance Indicators

Are your KPIs driving desired business results?

An Easy To Use Dashboard To Enter And View Your KPIs

Team members enter data and Rhythm populates the views for the company.

  • Enter the KPIs in our dashboard reporting software that you want to know and measure – this will help team members achieve results faster.
  • There are 4 ways to view your KPIs in Rhythm. You can choose one of these views or a combination of them to use in your Weekly Adjustment Meetings when you discuss KPIs.
    • Scorecard
    • Energy Map Dashboard
    • 13 Week Race Dashboard
    • Custom Dashboards

Scorecard View: A Quick Pulse Of The Company Health

Executive team can review your scorecards to get a company overview in seconds.

  • Scorecard view, to get a quick pulse on the company, organizes yourKPIs in 6 categories:
    • People:
      1. Employees
      2. Customers
      3. Shareholders
    • Process:
      4. Make/Buy/Deliver
      5. Sell
      6. Record Keeping
  • Most effective when used by the Executive Team

Energy Map View: Lists Your Group KPIs

See the energy of the team working to impact your KPI to drive execution on that metric.

  • The Energy Map View is the easiest way to record, prioritize, assign an owner, state what the success criteria will look like and to categorize your KPIs so they show up on the Scorecard view.
  • Review your Energy Map – each square represents a priority, you can see when energy is actually moving results on a specific KPI .

  • The Energy Map view lists your Group’s KPIs, either according to how you’ve ranked them or alphabetically.

13 Week Race View: See The Trend Line Of Your Quarter

Rhythm software shows you where adjustments need to be made.

  • See how you are doing over the weeks in the quarter.
  • Focus on adjusting reds and yellows to get back on track.

Dashboards View: Customize Your Own Categories

Organize your KPIs into groups.

  • Setup KPIs for specific business questions or problems you want to work on or solve.
  • View them to make sure your leading and results indicators are on track.

Job Scorecard

Clarify the purpose, desired results, skills competencies and key responsibilities for each role.

  • Clear roles, goals and accountability diminish stress in an organization
  • The leader, employee and the team complete this together so that there is a mutual understanding of the purpose, responsibilities, measurements and skills needed to be successful in any given position.

Remove Guesswork On What Success Is

Dig Deeper Into Individual KPIs

You’re Never Alone

Rhythm University

Get Rhythm Certified

“I needed another layer of help as far as watching the business in getting feedback and seeing transparency throughout the business so that we could get the right information to make the best decisions.”

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