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Jun 7 2018

Community Hospice of Dale Medical Center, when is hospice appropriate.#When #is #hospice #appropriate

When is hospice appropriate

What is Hospice?

When is hospice appropriate

Hospice is a specialized form of home health service that provides care for individuals who have a life limiting illness, and are no longer seeking a cure. Community Hospice of Dale Medical Center is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate services to its patient’s and loved ones. Hospice care creates the hope and belief that patients and families can obtain physical, emotional, and spiritual preparation for the final stages of life. Community Hospice of Dale Medical Center will provide our patient’s with a wide range of support options to meet a variety of needs.

What is the Focus of Hospice Care?

When is hospice appropriateSpiritual care

When is hospice appropriateEmotional Support

When is hospice appropriatePain control

When is hospice appropriateEducation

When is hospice appropriateBereavement Services

When is hospice appropriatePatient dignity and quality of life

What is Admission Criteria?

When is hospice appropriate

Who pays for Hospice?

When is hospice appropriateMedicaid

When is hospice appropriateTricare

When is hospice appropriatePrivate Insurance

When is hospice appropriateCommunity Contributions

What illnesses are appropriate for hospice care?

When is hospice appropriateAIDS

When is hospice appropriateRenal Diseases

When is hospice appropriateLung Diseases

When is hospice appropriateLiver Diseases

When is hospice appropriateHeart Diseases

When is hospice appropriateFailure to Thrive

When is hospice appropriateNeuromuscular Degenerative Diseases

The Community Hospice Interdisciplinary Team:

When is hospice appropriateNurses

When is hospice appropriateSocial Workers

When is hospice appropriateChaplain

When is hospice appropriateVolunteers

When is hospice appropriateHome Health Aides

When is hospice appropriateBereavement Counselors


When is hospice appropriate

Volunteers are an indispensable part of the Hospice team. They are caring neighbors who are trained in their areas of interest. Their services include, but are not limited to, the following:

When is hospice appropriateAdministrative support

When is hospice appropriateBereavement support

When is hospice appropriatePatient or family errands

When is hospice appropriateArts/Crafts for special occasions

When is hospice appropriateCompanionship/mentor to patient/family

When is hospice appropriateRelieving caregiver for short periods

A. A person who wishes to obtain hospice for themselves or a family member should contact their physician or contact Community Hospice of Dale Medical Center directly at 334-774-1380 or toll free at 1-800-689-4156.

A. Yes, the same services provided to our at-home patients are provided to those patients in the hospital or Nursing Home.

A. No, we encourage you to remain as active as possible.

A. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the Hospice team to provide quality care and support for the patient as well as for you, the caregiver.

Hospice Volunteer Program

Community Hospice needs caring people to volunteer their time in the following areas: home visits, fund raising, clerical duties, crafts. At Community Hospice we make gifts monthly for our patients and caregivers this gives them such joy every month. It’s easier than you think to touch someones heart. If you are 18 years of age or older and have a desire to help others, please call 1-334-774-1380

Other Services offered by Community Hospice of Dale Medical Center

When is hospice appropriateDietary Counseling

When is hospice appropriateIn-Home Continuous Care available on a limited basis during crisis situations.

When is hospice appropriateInpatient Respite Care to provide relief to the caregiver by placing the patient in the hospital.

When is hospice appropriateGeneral Inpatient Care in a hospital for management of uncontrollable symptoms.

When is hospice appropriateNursing Home – Hospice Care is available to patients in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

When is hospice appropriateArrangements – for Medical Equipment and Supplies

When is hospice appropriateMedications – Pharmaceutical assistance is coordinated through physician, pharmacy and/or insurance provider.

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