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Jun 7 2018

Central Air Conditioner Fan Not Working? Here Are Some Potential Explanations

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Central Air Conditioner Fan Not Working? Here Are Some Potential Explanations

Central Air Conditioner Fan Not Working? Here Are Some Potential Explanations

Your central air conditioner has two fans: one located inside that blows cool air for your home and one located outside that blows over condenser coils in order to release heat from your home. If there are problems with either one of these fans, your home will not be able to cool properly. Today we’re going to talk about some of the most common reasons why your central air conditioner fans might not be working and what can be done to fix the problem!

Common reasons why your one of your central air conditioner fans is not working

  • Capacitor problems. A capacitor stores up energy that is used to provide power to your air conditioner’s fans. For various reasons, your capacitor can go bad and stop working properly, which will force one of your system’s fans to stop spinning. Often times a bad capacitor will need to be replaced by a professional .
  • Contactor problems. An air conditioner’s contactor is a switch in which electricity flows in and out in order to control the compressor as well as the condenser fan motor. It is common for the contactor to go bad over time, which restricts the outside fan from working properly. This is another part that can be replaced by a professional contractor.
  • Burnt out motor. Fan motors go through a lot of wear and tear, and they can burn out when they undergo too much stress. This is especially true for air conditioners that are not properly maintained. A bad fan motor is a more serious issue that will either require professional repairs or a system replacement, depending on the age and condition of your system.
  • Loose or broken belt. In older systems with belt-powered fans, the belt can get loose or break and cause the fan to stop spinning properly. This can be repaired, but it’s often a good sign that it’s time for a new air conditioner since you likely have an older and less efficient system.
  • Unit not receiving power. Some air conditioner fan problems might not be the fault of the fan’s assembly at all, but rather a power issue. Various parts of your air conditioner can overheat and trip your circuit breaker, forcing your air conditioner to shut down. If this is the case, you can flip the switch at your circuit breaker back on. However, repeated power issues should be looked at by a professional.
  • Blocked air filter. If your air filter is severely clogged. your indoor fan might be working properly but the air that it blows will be completely blocked. If it sounds like your fan is working but you don’t feel any air in your home, check your air filter and replace it if it’s dirty.

Avoid fan issues with a tune-up

It’s important to note that many central air conditioner fan issues can be prevented by getting an annual air conditioner tune-up from Hyde’s. The small amount of money you spend on an annual tune-up will pay off big-time in the future by avoiding potentially expensive fan repairs.

If you have any questions about your central air conditioner fan not working, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact Hyde’s, your Indio, CA, air conditioning contractor.

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