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Dec 22 2017

Balance: The Open Source Load-Balancer and TCP Proxy

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What is Balance ?

Balance is our (still) suprisingly successful load balancing solution being a simple but powerful generic tcp proxy with round robin load balancing and failover mechanisms. Its behaviour can be controlled at runtime using a simple command line syntax.

Balance supports IPv6 on the listening side which makes it a very useful tool for IPv6 migration of IPv4 only services and servers.

Balance successfully runs at least on Linux(386), Linux(Itanium), FreeBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris, Cygwin, Mac-OS X, HP-UX and many more.

Balance is Open Source Software and released under GPL licensing terms.

BalanceNG is our commercial Software Load Balancer for Linux and Solaris which comes with a 30 day trial license. Click here for more information.

Current Release: Balance 3.57, released: Aprli 28, 2015

Current Release: Balance 3.57
balance-3.57.tar.gz MD5: 12ab710435bc4119293837375c6e1f97

Older Releases:
balance-3.56.tar.gz MD5: 7c1ed362bc98c4c5fe388963d9e85770
balance-3.54.tar.gz MD5: 99854615cc58ceb2c5bbf29e35d18018
balance-3.52.tar.gz MD5: dd43b243290471536b7689382b7bb8d4
balance-3.50.tar.gz MD5: 8242804073208e44931d61366e47d4d6
balance-3.48.tar.gz MD5: 80fea078f1558a2a893fd037b8c99894
balance-3.42.tar.gz MD5: 24bc4063e8af298471d7d0a2ac7462a6
balance-3.40.tar.gz MD5: 85321e0d80ff63d1659fe4173c135cc1
balance-3.35.tar.gz MD5: 771f8523f7a4ee119461e7f71f8a275f
balance-3.34.tar.gz MD5: 65287da4757c3cd01dbc85551c144e49
balance-3.32.tar.gz MD5: f9b3ea2d2e0838e7da2f7c4b0f2e5deb

Latest Changes:

  • 3.57: MAXGROUPS has been increased to 32
  • 3.56: Out-of-band data handling has been added.
  • 3.54: A bug with hash_fold() regarding incoming IPv4 and IPv6 source addresses has been fixed. The “hash” group mechanism is now working as expected.
  • 3.52: Buffering has been disabled for interactive shell IO. A new “assign” command has been added to allow changing of the host:port assignment of a channel (only if disabled). A locking bug has been fixed.
  • 3.50: A new option -6 has been added to force IPv6 bind.
  • 3.49: A patch has been applied due to a problem with ftok() on Solaris.
  • 3.48: Problems with setting IPV6_V6ONLY socket option are now handled more nicely with a syslog warning message.
  • 3.42: Balance now compiles also on systems where IPV6_V6ONLY is undefined (like some Solaris systems).
  • 3.40: IPv6 support on the listening side has been added. MAXCHANNELS in balance.h has been increased to 64.
  • 3.35: A bug in the autodisable functionality has been fixed.
  • 3.34: -a option added (enables “autodisable” option: A channel needs to be manually re-enabled after a failure). Syslog logging added for reporting this event.
  • 3.33: -M option added (use MMAP instead of SHM for IPC)
  • 3.32: Bugfix: /var/run/balance may now already exist.
  • 3.31: Bugfix: TCP_NODELAY properly set.
  • 3.30: Code cleanups and fixes.

Example Command Lines

# balance smtp host1.test.net host2.test.net

Connections to the local SMTP port will be forwarded alterating to the SMTP port on host1 and host2. Balance runs automatically in background.

# balance -b 2001:DB8::1 80

Balance binds on port 80 of the local IPv6 IP address 2001:DB8::1 and distributes connections to the IPv4 addresses and

# balance -b. ffff: 80

Balance binds on port 80 of the local IPv4 IP address (provided in IPv6 notation) and distributes connections to the IPv4 addresses and

# balance -fp imap mailserver

Connections to the local IMAP port will always be forwarded to the host “mailserver”. Balance stays in foreground and all data is printed in readable format on stdout.

$ balance -f 8888 host1

Connections to the local port 8888 are forwarded alternating to host1, port 8888 and the host, port 8000. Balance stays in foreground connected to the “controlling tty”.

  • Here’s the Balance Project Page at Sourgeforge (check it out for precompiled packages, forums, mailing lists and more). Many thanks to Thomas Steudten for all the support.
  • Here’s the Balance project page at www.darwinports.com.
  • Here’s the Balance Page at Freshmeat.Net.
  • The SourceForge mailing list web page can be found here.
  • www.opencsw.org (Community Software for Solaris) offers precompiled Packages of the latest Balance release (URL: http://www.opencsw.org/packages/balance ).
  • Sunfreeware.com offers binary Solaris packages for different releases and processors.
  • Barbara Irwin was so kind to include Balance in their famous Load of Linux Links (LoLL) GPL’ed Linux link database.

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