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Aug 9 2017

American Express Customer Service Jobs – Work From Home Happiness #american #express #business #insurance


American Express Customer Service Jobs

American Express Customer Service Jobs

American Express Customer Service jobs (and their Travel Agent positions) are part of their virtual career opportunities.

These positions allow individuals to work entirely from their home office. The work from home American Express Customer Service jobs are also known as Virtual Customer Care Professionals. These are all employee-status positions which means they come with some notable benefits like Day 1 medical insurance.

If you re known for your professionalism and have a knack for establishing connections with customers, you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with virtual American Express Customer Service jobs.

You probably know of American Express as a credit card company. You might even have one of their cards in your wallet right now. If so, you re probably familiar with the world-class customer service American Express gives to their Card Holders.

But, if you re not familiar with American Express or their products, you might be interested to know that they are a leading financial services provider. Part of their services is catering to small business customers. This means offering 24/7 support.

And that s where the American Express Customer Service jobs come into play. The Virtual Customer Care Professional provides superior support to small business customers.

American Express Customer Service Jobs: What to Expect

On any given shift, you ll be expected to answer cardholder inquiries. This can range from general questions about benefits to more in depth account inquiries. Whatever the reason for the call, Virtual Customer Care Professionals are expected to successfully resolve any questions or concerns.

Here s what you ll be doing:

  • Use appropriate opportunities to cross-sell products
  • Provide value to customers and grow relationships
  • Give solutions to customer inquiries
  • Offer help while keeping within company customer care boundaries

Interested? Learn more about the American Express Customer Service jobs:

American Express Customer Service Jobs: What it takes to be successful

Virtual Customer Care Professionals work with small business owners. So having business know-how or an entrepreneurial spirit are key. You ll need to know how to actively listen to questions/comments/concerns and provide appropriate solutions. This will require one-on-one support and a mindset aimed at helping businesses grow.

Your qualifications include:

  • Previous experience operating or working in a small business
  • Elite or VIP customer service background
  • Four-year degree (can be substituted with 4+ years of relevant experience)
  • Sales or hospitality experience
  • Be confident in consulting with small business owners
  • Creative problem solver
  • Amazing written and oral communication skills

What else do I need to know about American Express Customer Service Jobs?


The American Express Customer Service jobs are full time opportunities. You should have flexible availability any time between 6:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. (EST) every day of the week. Although schedules are fixed at 40 hours per week, you can expect to work various days including weekends and holidays.

Home Office

Since the American Express Customer Service jobs are entirely virtual, you will need a home office setup. This includes a dedicated area for work that is free of distractions and background noise.

All American Express Customer Service jobs require a dedicated landline and a dedicated high-speed internet connection. Since these will be used strictly for business purposes, American Express will pay for the connection and setup costs as well as monthly bills for these services.


Before beginning work, you will need to pass a background check and have your home office audited to make sure it meets American Express standards. This will require you to allow access to a representative who will inspect everything from the room itself to the wiring of your home.

Getting Referred

When applying for American Express Customer Service jobs, you have the option of Getting Referred. This program lets you search your social media accounts and professional networks for any current American Express employees. If you do know someone who work for American Express, you can request that they personally refer you for the position.

Pay and Benefits

Although this isn t technically a sales job, you will have the opportunity for incentive based bonuses. This means that on top of a competitive base salary, you could earn extra money cross-selling products. Plus, American Express offers performance incentives so the better your customer service, the more money you make. And as a full time employee, you can elect certain benefits like Day 1 health insurance.

Ready to Apply?

If you like what you ve read so far and think this sounds like a great fit, head on over to the American Express Career Page. From there, you ll be able to read up on all the virtual career offerings and apply for the American Express Customer Service jobs available.

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Well you all better have a good work ethic and work hard. You ain t gonna run out to go shopping on the middle of the day, I can tell you that. This is an 8 hour a day job, with a half hour lunch break. Don t think about multi -tasking at home ok? It ain t gonna be. You think you can cook, clean, shop, while being an Amex Business Consultant, well youre dead wrong. Amex sends Inspectors around, so don t answer the door in your pajamas! These customer service jobs ain t no piece of cake ok. If you re not ready to work, then just keep going, and find a job somewhere else. I have stock in the company, so yes, I have a vested interest. My stock needs to make money, so I am letting you all know the deal from the get go
Jonathan Reynolds
Jacksonville, Florida

I want to learn more and interested to benefit out of this work from home

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