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Jun 22 2018

Air Conditioning Repair – Tex-Perts Cooling – Heating – San Antonio TX

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San Antonio Air Conditioning Repair

AC Repair That San Antonio Can Depend On

When you need air conditioning repair in Texas, you need it quick. Your air conditioning could break down for a number of reasons, including over-use, over-heating, or having an out of date system. Simply cleaning the unit or cooling it down manually might not do the trick anymore.

In a Texas summer, a bad air conditioner can spell danger. Especially in San Antonio, you can easily have temperatures past 100 degrees for weeks. This raises the chance of you and your loved ones suffering from heat stroke or something worse. In Texas, air conditioning isn t just a luxury; it s a necessity.

As long time residents of San Antonio, Tex-Perts Cooling Heating knows exactly what summers in Texas feel like. We know it s important to get air conditioning repair fast. When you re fighting a battle against the heat, it s important to have experts to help you out. We want your home or office to be a cool, comfortable, and calm place. You don t have to dread the summer anymore.

We have made it our mission to be your one-stop shop for AC repair in San Antonio. That s why we ve got technicians on staff with extensive knowledge on HVAC. Our staff has knowledge that will repair any make or model air conditioner. If you are unsure of whether or not we are able to fix your specific air conditioner, give us a call. We ve seen it all, so odds are we can fix it. We re able to assist our customers with any and all questions or concerns they might have.

Just a few of the common HVAC issues we troubleshoot include:

  • Duct leaks
  • Uneven home temperatures
  • System is running but not cooling or heating
  • Broken thermostats
  • Dirty HVAC coils
  • Unexplainable high energy bills
  • Noisy HVAC unit or vents
  • Drainage problems
  • Refrigerant is leaking
  • Condenser isn’t running

Air conditioners pump cool air into your house, but not the way you might be thinking. Instead of simply getting that sweet cold air into the home, air conditioners work in the same way that a refrigerator works. The key difference is that, instead of keeping such a confined area ice cold, your air conditioner could be taking care of your entire house.

An air conditioner works by removing the heat from the inside of a home. This happens in a fairly simple way. Your home constantly has air traveling through it. The ventilation system in your home helps get that hot air out and into the air conditioner that is outside.

Your AC unit is comprised of three basic parts:

The air within your home cycles through these three parts of the system.

Within the air conditioner unit (sometimes called an HVAC, which stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), a significant amount of coolant is contained within. Coolant is very quick to absorb heat and transform into a gas.The air from within your home is forced into the evaporator through a very small tube. Here, the air makes contact with the coolant, which absorbs the heat. The more heat the coolant absorbs, the more energy it contains. This changes the physical state of the coolant from a liquid to a gas. The thermal energy from the now gaseous coolant is propelled outward.

However, once the coolant has evaporated, that means there is no liquid coolant to absorb more heat. That s where the condenser comes in. The condenser prevents people from having to go to their HVAC unit to fill it up with coolant every time they want to cool down their house. This saves time and makes the cooling process more efficient.The evaporator has already successfully separated the hot air from the cold air. The condenser takes the hot air and forces it through a small coil. This coil absorbs the remaining heat from the air and creates more coolant for removing heat.

While the condenser has effectively removed all heat from the coolant, the air conditioner still has to get the coolant back into a liquid state. The compressor is able to repressurize the cooler air into a liquid, creating the coolant that will absorb the hot air from inside the home.This coolant will once again absorb the heat by going back into the evaporator, starting the process all over again. While there are a multitude of variations on this three step process, many of them start from a foundation based on this essential process of cooling the home.

Have you went to turn on your AC one day during a nasty heat wave only to find out it s refusing to start? If so, it might be time to give Tex-Perts Cooling and Heating a call to see why the ol AC isn t listening to you.

While some people do use their air conditioner for heating during the milder autumn and winter days, most AC breakdowns happen during the peak of summer when the air conditioning unit is being used to the fullest. It so happens that this is the exact time when you need your AC working the most – having no cooling system during a heat wave isn t just uncomfortable, but can also be dangerous.

So, how much might an air conditioning repair by Tex-Perts Cooling and Heating cost you? Truth be told, there s no way of knowing until our technician gets on the site. And he will get there in the shortest amount of time possible after you have made your call – unlike some other companies, we don t make our customers wait in long lines during hot summers or cold winters.

Once there, the technician will need to assess the state of the AC unit and see what went wrong. While there are some cases where an air conditioning repair isn t really feasible due to the amount of damage involved, most of the time we can and will repair the AC unit successfully, thereby saving the customer the hassle and expense of having to replace their air conditioning unit altogether.

Professional Air Conditioning Repair

If you re delaying your call to us for this or that reason, don t – your AC isn t going to get better on its own and, most likely, the summer heat isn t going anywhere. The longer you wait to have your home air conditioning unit repaired, the more you rob yourself of the cool comfort that you deserves. Remember: when talking about keeping your home AC unit in working order, it isn t just you that has to endure the heat, but everyone else under your roof as well. Therefore, a timely call to Tex-Perts Cooling and Heating is the right choice for the entire family.

Aside from repairs when an AC unit has fully broken down, we also perform partial repairs when the unit is looking to be on its way there – whether you have seen a loss of cooling strength over the months or years or are noticing strange noises coming from the air conditioner, we ll be happy to come along and see what s what even if the AC unit retains some utility.

As noted, there s no need to delay a call to us because you re worrying about long waiting lines or unfair pricing – every customer call we get is treated like an emergency, especially when it involves a home air conditioning repair during a tough heat wave. Moreover, our pricing deals are some of the best you ll find on the market and are tailored to be affordable to every type of home owner, from those with many AC units covering multiple rooms in a large house to those with a single air conditioner that just needs to work.

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