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Oct 7 2017

7 cell phones designed for seniors and the elderly #large #keypad #cell #phones


7 cell phones designed for seniors and the elderly

Posted: 11 Jan 2015, 15:28. by Nick T.

If we had to describe smartphones as a whole using a single adjective, that would probably be “amazing”. Because they are – they’re amazing for all the functionality they bring right at our fingertips. Smartphones are not quite for everyone, however. Some people just don’t have enough grasp on technology to handle one. People like senior citizens, for example. At the same time, finding a decent, easy to use phone isn’t as easy as it used to be as all major cell phone companies have shifted their focus onto the development of smartphones. That’s why we thought we’d scout the web for the best phones suitable for elderly folks.

7 cell phones designed for the elderly

1. Emporia Euphoria

Emporia is an Austrian company specialized in designing cell phones for the elderly. The model pictured is the Emporia Euphoria, which, as all other handsets under the brand, has huge buttons and a high-contrast screen. Emporia has also included a 2MP camera and a button for emergency calls.

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This is the MAXCOM MM461, which has a bright 1.8-inch screen, an exceptionally loud speaker, a simple user interface, and a built-in LED flashlight. The extra-large keypad and easy-to-read text fonts make this phone very suitable for senior users.

3. Jitterbug 5

Built by Samsung, the Jitterbug 5 flip phone is designed to be as simple to use as possible. This is why it has been equipped with large, easy-to-press buttons and an amplified loudspeaker. Furthermore, its menus are easy to navigate, and text is displayed in large, easy-to-read letters. In addition, a dedicated button connects the user to the 5star service, which can provide help in case of medical emergencies.

4. Snapfon ezTWO3G

Here’s one of the cheapest senior-friendly cell phones you’re going to find – the Snapfon ezTWO3G, costing only $20 bucks. You get a simple handset with large buttons, giant letters throughout the interface, a built-in flashlight, an SOS button, and even a basic camera.

5. Doro PhoneEasy 612

Folks in the UK might want to take a look at Doro’s lineup, which features a variety of senior-friendly cell phones. Here’s the PhoneEasy 612 clamshell phone – it has a bright screen, widely spaced buttons, shortcut keys for favorite contacts, extra-loud speaker, and a simple camera.

6. Just5 CP10S

This colorful handset is the CP10S by Just 5. It’s as simple as a phone can possibly get, yet manages to fit an FM radio and a flashlight in its feature set. The latter works even when the phone’s battery is dead, which is nice. On the back of the phone is the so-called SuperButton, which contacts 5 pre-defined emergency contacts.

7. Kisa

And this is Kisa – a phone built from the ground up with seniors in mind. It doesn’t have a screen. A keypad is also absent. Instead, all the phone has on its front are up to 10 programmable buttons and the names or images of up to 10 contacts. These can be personalized at the time of purchase. Information about the phone’s owner, including medical conditions they might have, can be printed on the back of the handset.

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